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All About Us

Pioneers in El Cuyo since 1999


I was born in Germany and i did all my  schooling and education in Europe. In 1991 I was accepted at Disney World in Orlando, Florida and worked there in the German Pavillion for 1 year, after that I went back to Germany and worked for 2 years with Lufthansa German Airlines in Frankfurt.

In 1993 i decided to leave Germany in order to start a new chapter in Mexico.

I have been living in Cancun, Mexico, for almost 30 years now, still working part-time in hotels and living with my family partly in Germany and partly in Mexico.

In 2000 i discovered the hidden gem of El Cuyo, felt in love with it and bought my first property there.

Over the years, more properties were added, and we started renting them out to friends and coworkers, and when the internet came up, also to international travellers. Now we have several apartments and homes in El Cuyo. My family and I love to offer different travellers different experiences in our various accommodations, thats why each lodging has its own unique touch.

ln all of  these houses and are represented on site by our team of caretakers, Magally.

She can be reached at any time via WhatsApp  In the worldwide competition for landlord of the year 2011, we got 3rd place, and in 2012 we proudly won the 1st place. It is a lot of fun to pass on our many years of Yucatan and Mexico experience to our guests. We look forward to welcoming you at one of our rentals.

Welcome to El Cuyo!

How it all began:

Hacienda del Cuyo and Casa Maya Lodge

On our  days off ,me and my family liked to get out of Cancun to explore the Yucatan and to learn about the legendary Mayan culture and the real Mexico.

One day we missed a turn and ended up in El Cuyo. Even our arrival was amazing… we crossed a pink lagoon with hundreds of pink flamingos and we came to a quiet village full of coconut palms.We immediately felt in love with El Cuyo.

You pass a Maya pyramid on which a lighthouse is built, later we found out that you can even climb the lighthouse.

The streets in El Cuyo are still made of sand, coconut palm trees as far as the eye can see, endless fine white sandy beaches and welcoming locals.

We have been to many places in Yucatan, but none of them had coconut palms as they were wiped out by a plague.

Not so in El Cuyo, all the palm trees in the village and on the beach were still there, we were delighted with the Caribbean feeling, and then every free weekend my family and I visited this heavenly quiet place until someone offered us a small house for sale. At that time it only consisted of a ground floor. We immediately fell in love with this ‘rough diamond’ and renovated it with a lot of passion and heart blood. At that time we didn’t think about renting it out as an apartment.

We then built the penthouse on the 1st floor and the Mayan Style  Casa Maya Lodge on the 2nd floor.

Hacienda Antigua

My family and I bought this  house  in 2002 and remodelled it into a Hacienda Antigua in 2012. Outside, a natural stone facade was painstakingly handcrafted. Inside a Mayan artist from Izamal decorated the house with hand-painted details. A large typical pyramid-shaped palapa was built above the terrace.

A year later we added the Hacienda Antigua Lodge with its own shower, WC, kitchenette and a screened in terrace.

Who do we recommend renting an apartment in El Cuyo?

If you are laid back, like barefoot style vacations if you would like to get to know the country and the people there are flexible, can adapt and want to experience something of the local life away from the big blocks of flats and all-inclusive hotels, our apartments and El Cuyo are just what you are looking for.

Who should think about it?

However, if you want to experience all-inclusive and  carefree holidays are inflexible, and if you are looking for 5 star amenities and do not want to get involved in Mexican customs?, you should indulge yourself in  5 star Hotels and be pampered there

and  do not rent a private vacation rental.

Kind regards and welcome to El Cuyo, Matthias D

Owner and Family

Magally and  Amalia

El Cuyo Team

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